Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Trail For Goleta Being Proposed?

We've all seen it, that clear cut strip of land near 154 that runs from Camino Cielo down to the foothills. It was dozed in July during the Gap Fire to create a fire break but luckily the fire didn't make it that far. What many people do not realize is that fire break was constructed exactly where a trail used to run above Goleta. The old maps show it(see below) and now that its open again....why not?! Jeff Harbison had that same thought and contacted the MTC before submitting a proposal to the USFS about creating a new/old trail. Hopefully this fire break will turn disaster into opportunity at some point in the future.
The problem that may exist with moving forward is that there appears to be private land blocking a complete trail. As we have seen with other new trail projects these things take time, the Franklin Trail is still having problems getting opened after 3+ years of action. Some logical ending points for this trail may be the San Marcos Foothills Preserve- does anyone know if this us under development? San Antonio Creek Open Space/Tuckers Grove could be another option as is connecting over to Arroyo Burro. More updates on this as it is discussed at future meetings......

View of the unnamed trail(Gap Trail?) from SMF Preserve
Elevation Profile of the trail

Map of the trail with GPS Waypoints

Dozing "it" for the Gap Fire(taken 7/08)

Doh! Just when you thought you were on your way

Ample parking at one possible trail head(SMF Preserve)

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