Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Crew Strikes Back

Finally mother nature gave us a break and we were able to get up on Jesusita and Tunnel to dig in to the brush problem. Tuesday afternoon we spent a couple of hours cutting back brush in one particularly bad area on Jesusita and start heading up Tunnel. Jesusita was not on the original agenda but this particular area at the beginning of the trail has been a problem for years, overgrown and taking the shape of a 'V". With that done we discovered there were actually 2 signs at the bottom of Tunnel! A little brush work and they were both visible again. We made it a little ways up Tunnel but the project continues. We will again head up to work on this project Tuesday, 4/7 afterwork. Join us is you can and enjoy a beer with us after the session is over.

Our New Sign At The TH
Jesusita B4
Jesusita After

Tunnel TH- Can U Spot The Two Signs?

Tunnel After- There They Are

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