Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mother Nature- 2, Front Country Trail Crew- 0

First defeat we had was the trail event scheduled for November 15th, the Tea Fire ended that one quick. Yesterday we had planned on heading up Tunnel to do a little brush removal when mother nature decided to say no again. The heavy mist was enough to register as actual rainfall according to local rainfall gauges. We pulled the plug after getting to the TH a little after 8am and seeing everything soaked. Those who would have attended would have been drenched after cutting at the first tree branch. Although the mist did leave us with a good opportunity to take some cool pics- see below. We went home with our tails between our legs and our cooler still full of beer. We will try again and you will not foil us next time mother nature! We are going to experiment with the idea of doing trail work during the week after work rather than the weekends. As the days get longer this should get even more doable. We have tenatively re-scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday, 3/21 after work on Tunnel Trail. Email us if you are interested.

Not a complete defeat though, we were able to get to the top 1/2 mile of Tunnel on Friday to do some prep work and did repair some broken down tread and cut some overgrown branches. Special thanks to all that planned on attending and allowed us to cancel at the last minute!

The Soaking made for some cool photos

Our Da Kine Trail Builder Packs need some dirt on them

These beers need a good home too!

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