Monday, March 16, 2009

Trail Crew Leader Training A Success!

This past Saturday the agencies, led by the USFS and Kerry Kellogg successfully trained 15 people that will lead trail work programs in the near future. Those that attended included our own Dave, also Jed and John from SBMTV, Paul from MTF, Kelly from Kona Bikes, Robert and Sandy from Blacksmith Endurance, Jason from LPFA, and Bryan- local trail mapper. Also in attendance were local trail users Sam, Ben, Mike, Richard, Luis, Ray, Randy, and Jill from City Parks. Of the 15 trainees, about half of the leaders were bikers, the rest being hikers or runners. A very good representation from the cycling community and it tells much about cyclists wishes to better our trails.

After reviewing the rules and regulations of putting on a maintenance project all the attendees hit the trail. Some light trail work to the lower part of Jesusita was done and much poison oak was removed. Most of these attendees will be leading or participating in events in the near future, like our "Tunnel Trail Clean-up" this Saturday(email for details). One good part of different kinds of users all getting on the trail at the same time was discussing how changes to the trail were needed or wanted. We all reshaped a small rocky section of trail not before discussing how rocks are fun and useful when cycling. This was the first time members of the trail using community all discussed trail repair rather that just having someone doing a repair without discussion. We have been adamant that if a major repair or change to the structure of a trail is too be done, users need to be part of this decision process. Our fingers our crossed.

Heading up Jesusita

Mike working the rocky section-before

That same section-after

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