Monday, March 2, 2009

Upper Tunnel Trail Clean-Up 3/21

The 21st of March our Front Country Trail Crew will do it's first project of the Spring. We will be brushing and doing minor trail repair to the upper part of Tunnel Trail down to the power lines. Having been on the trail recently it was already so overgrown in some places you have to duck to pass. Almost 100% of the upper water bars are filled to the brim with silt. We plan on doing something about this. We already have several people interested but are able to accommodate 3-4 more who are willing to spend a Saturday morning cleaning the trail. The plan is to meet at Tunnel Trail Head at 8 or 9 then get driven to the top and work our way to the bottom back to our cars. Anyone interested in driving up Gibralter we would also appreciate your help greatly. Contact us if interested:

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