Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Touching People's Lives.....In Virginia

We received this email From Tom B., a multiuser and student from West Virginia.

My name is Thomas B**** from West Virginia University and I emailed you about a year ago asking for information on what your organization is about for one of my projects. Well I'm writing back to say that my presentation was a success, I earned an A, and I even taught some of my classmates about the importance of multiuse trails. I put my free sticker on my truck and motorcycle for everyone to see and I wear my shirt as soon as I get it out of the dryer. Two wheels are my way of life and my truck serves as a means to transport both my bike and motorcycle. I would like two of the new stickers to put on my truck and motorcycle so that I can show my support of the coalition. I'm also giving another presentation here at WVU in the upcoming weeks on the importance of multiuse trails and I want to influence more people, just like two semesters ago. Thank you so much for the support and good luck continuing the fight for more multiuse trails.

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